Legacy Planning/Estate Planning

In this area Liam will work with you to think about how and to whom you would like to leave your assets after you pass away. Legacy planning is not just about death and the avoidance of death taxes. While many people no longer pay Federal and State death taxes, it is still important to have a plan in place, otherwise your hard earned money may not end up where you want it to go.

He will help you understand:

  • The pros and cons of using a will to pass your assets
  • How trusts work and the types of trusts that can be created
  • The importance of properly naming beneficiaries for retirement plans and IRAs
  • Probate and how it can be avoided
  • Charitable giving strategies

He will also help you organize your affairs, making it easier for those left behind. If requested, he will communicate your estate plan to your heirs and be available to answer any questions they may have. Liam will help you implement your estate plan, while working closely with your attorney.

*Stratos Wealth Partners and LPL Financial do not provide legal advice or services. Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.