Additional Services Liam Provides


  1. Prepares an investment strategy for you designed with the goal of growing your money based on your risk tolerance
  2. Monitors the economy and suggests changes to your investment strategy when appropriate
  3. Reviews your investments in your company retirement plan and IRA’s
  4. Provides you with unbiased investment research information
  5. Provides you with an analysis of all of your publicly traded investments
  6. Determines the level of risk you are taking with all of your publicly traded investments
  7. Refers you to financial institutions for loans
  8. Helps you consolidate and simplify your investment accounts
  9. Upon request, provides you with a detailed analysis of a particular security or bond
  10. Provides access to institutional money managers
  11. Provides you with access to alternative investments
  12. Evaluates potential retirement income planning and distribution strategies

Financial Planning

  1. Helps you think about areas of your financial life that you may have overlooked
  2. Helps you crystallize your financial goals
  3. Assists in prioritizing your goals and developing realistic time frames to reach your goals
  4. Suggests possible planning alternatives that you may have not considered
  5. Prepares a financial roadmap for your success
  6. Reviews current life insurance policies to ensure you are getting the best protection
  7. Assists in setting up company retirement plans
  8. Assists in preparing a legacy plan for you
  9. Reviews and recommends investment ideas for college planning
  10. Seeks to determine the optimal Social Security withdrawal strategy
  11. Helps with the calculation of Required Mandatory Distributions from 401(k)s and IRAs
  12. Assists in determining the best Medicare plan for your particular situation

Tax Planning

  1. Provides you with the latest in tax code changes and upcoming changes being discussed in Congress
  2. Suggests strategies that seek to lower your taxes during retirement
  3. Provides information on deductions that could lower your tax bill that you may have overlooked
  4. When appropriate, offers suggestions on repositioning of investments and income, while also considering tax law provisions
  5. Records and researches securities cost basis information
  6. Works with your legal and tax professional to help minimize your tax burden

*Stratos Wealth Partners and LPL Financial do not provide legal advice or services. Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.


  1. Through each stage of your life financial advice will be provided
  2. Communicates with you on a schedule you are comfortable with
  3. Serves as a free sounding board to non-client family members regarding various financial issues
  4. Provides referrals to other professionals
  5. Offers, when appropriate, to help with the continuity of your financial plan down through the generations
  6. Facilitates the transfer of investments from an individual’s name to a trust, to a beneficiary or to a Transfer on Death account
  7. Seeks to identify your savings shortfalls
  8. Develops and monitors a strategy for debt reduction
  9. ...Striving to keep you on track