1. How are my accounts protected?

    Stratos Wealth Partners is a registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. We are subject to their oversight and we act in a fiduciary relationship towards out clients. This means that we are ethically bound to always put our clients’ interests ahead of our own.

    All client brokerage accounts are held at LPL Financial, and not with Stratos Wealth Partners. LPL Financial does not mix their company assets with client accounts. LPL Financial is the largest independent brokerage firm, managing $502 Billion1. Moreover, LPL accounts have additional securities protection to cover the net equity of client accounts up to an overall aggregate firm limit of $575,000,000, subject to conditions and limitations.2

    1As of reported for in third quarter earnings announcement, 11/2/16. LPL Financial Condition

  2. How much do you charge?

    It all depends on how you would like to engage Liam’s services. When he is managing your investments in an advisory role, he charges a fee based on the size of the assets. The larger the account that he manages, the lower the fee. When he’s providing advice on asset allocation, financial planning, 401k investing, etc. he charges an hourly fee. After the initial free consultation you would know in complete detail what his fees are for your situation.

  3. What happens if I change my mind? Am I locked into your company and your investments?

    No. You can end the relationship at any time and we would facilitate the transfer of your account as you direct us, refunding back to you any advisory fees owed to you.