I’m Never Too Busy to Help Someone You Care About

I’m Never Too Busy to Help Someone You Care About

April 26, 2022

Life is busy and your to-do list may feel endless. We are all juggling what feels like a million different priorities. What tops your list? Family? Maybe health? Or your job? 

While financial planning may not be high on your list, you shouldn’t underestimate its importance. Money affects every part of your life and can positively impact the things that matter most. However, because of its far-reaching impact, managing money often leads to stress and worry. That’s why a financial advisor can play one of the most prominent roles in a person’s life and financial future. 

But how do you find an advisor you can trust and who will work with you for the long term? Searching for a financial advisor can be an overwhelming and intimidating process and one you shouldn’t take lightly. Knowing this, I am honored to have the opportunity to serve my clients and their families and friends. 

And, if you haven’t yet shared me as a resource, I welcome the chance to connect with and get to know new clients who may benefit from my services. Your referrals are the highest compliment and an integral part of my firm’s continued growth.

The Stratos Wealth Partners Difference

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a wide range of clients who refer their colleagues, friends, and family members to me. I believe many people have referred others to me for a few different reasons:

  1. A personalized real-world approach. No two individuals’ financial service needs will be the same, which is why I take the time to outline a tailored strategy based on your specific needs, goals, and circumstances. 
  2. Strong relationships. I prioritize a hands-on client-centered approach, which has led to long-lasting relationships with many of my clients. I’m proud to serve as a go-to resource and support system when someone faces a tough decision or goes through a life transition. My clients also appreciate that keeping all their information completely confidential is a top priority of mine.
  3. A long-term commitment. I recognize that financial planning and investing is not a static process; life changes happen and investment objectives can shift over time. That’s why I provide ongoing guidance and support. Whether it’s saving for your children’s college education, planning for retirement, or preserving assets for future generations, I seek to provide the financial service resources and continuous management necessary to keep you working toward your goals.
  4. A dedicated advisor. As a seasoned professional, I strive to maintain a high-touch and personalized experience, and to help my clients simplify complex money decisions. With a dedicated professional on your side, I hope you can feel more confident as you navigate life’s challenges and planning opportunities.

The People I Serve Best

My desire is to partner with my clients and help carry their financial burdens, while aiming to make their wealth work for them—not the other way around. Because I endeavor to form trusted and close relationships with clients, I strive to work with people whom I believe I can best serve: retirees or those within 10 years of retirement. While my clients come from a variety of backgrounds and professions, they most often want to delegate their financial matters to a professional they can trust. This helps simplify their lives so they can focus on what’s important to them.  

Do You Know Someone Who Could Benefit From My Services?

My mission is to provide trusted advice and exceptional personal service to those I serve. I am passionate about what I do, and I take my duty as a fiduciary seriously; I am always working in the best interests of my clients. I’m also here to help when you have questions about your portfolio or strategies, or when you experience a new life milestone. 

If you are currently a client of mine and you have enjoyed working with me, I hope you will refer a friend, colleague, or family member who may benefit from my services. Consider sending this article to them, and, if they’re interested in partnering with me, they can schedule a complimentary introductory call by reaching out to me at 330-576-3912 or lguiney@stratoswp.com

About Liam

Liam Guiney is a partner, financial advisor, and client portfolio manager at Stratos Wealth Partners, an independent investment advisory firm providing personalized financial plans to help clients pursue their goals. With over 20 years of experience, Liam is dedicated to walking his clients through their financial opportunities and challenges, simplifying the complex so they can focus on what’s most important to them. Liam is known for building long-lasting relationships and focusing on individual needs to develop strategies that will help his clients prepare for their ideal retirement. 

Liam graduated from the University of North Carolina Greensboro with a bachelor’s degree and earned a Master of Science at Wake Forest University. He is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. When he’s not working, Liam spends his free time with his wife, Alice, and their son, Nicholas. You can often find him exercising, golfing, or supporting his favorite community organizations through fundraising and volunteering, such as Catholic Charities, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and cancer research organizations. To learn more about Liam, connect with him on LinkedIn.

This material was prepared for Liam Guiney’s use. Content in this material is for general information only and is not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.